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A Great Day of Rugby With the England Side

Date: June 7, 2016

On a 30+ degree day, 36 travelling members of the England Counties side joined 20-ish locals to enjoy an afternoon of touch rugby at City Park.  Only 12 - 14 of their players joined in on the fun, as they were still sore from the previous day's big 41 - 0 victory over the BC Bears. 

In the end, one touch team beat the other 9 - 8 but nobody cared about the score.  It was the passing skills and elusive running that were most impressive, as 20 metre passes hit the dead-sprinting receiver right on the hands, and players created space for themselves with artistic footwork. 

Also surprising on the day was the meagre turnout from our rugby community.  We will likely never again have an English national team make an offer to play touch in Kelowna on a beautiful sunny day.  Perhaps this is not the type of thing people want local organizers to focus on. 

For those wise enough to attend, they enjoyed a fun day of quality touch rugby in the sun.  Afterwards, all players went to the Clubhouse, where locals enjoyed a meal, a few beer, and some rugby-rich discussions with top class players from abroad.  It doesn't get a lot better than that.

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