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CORE Board Meeting Minutes - April 16, 2018

Date: April 17, 2018

CORE Board Meeting Minutes

April 16, 2018 @ 7:30 PM
Kelowna Cricket Club
In Attendance: Clare Cassan, Marshall Corbett, Barry Ebl, Doug Manning, Chris Ward, Derek Worrall
Regrets: George Curran, Chris Haynes
The meeting began at 7:31 PM.
1. Local Girls/Women's Rugby - The Directors identified a team of 6 individuals who will be approached to establish a plan for development of girls/women's rugby (U14 to adult) in Kelowna.  The future goal is a robust school and community pathway for females to enjoy rugby in our community.  
Action: Doug will contact the 6 individuals to determine their level of interest.  This planning group will meet before our next CORE Board meeting.
2. Rugby Centre - The Board has directed that the opportunity to build a rugby-only building on the Rutland Sports Fields be explored.  The Glenmore opportunity is still our #1 preference for constructing a sports fieldhouse that provides a home for rugby in the Central Okanagan.  However, it has been 6 years of waiting with the City.  The Board wants to know if the Rutland sports field opportunity is available today and what the nature of that opportunity is.
Action: Doug will contact the City to define the opportunity for rugby on the Rutland Sports fields.  He will report back to the Board at our next CORE Board meeting.
3. Okanagan Rugby Union - The Board believes that a healthy and proactive ORU is important for us to achieve our goals of establishing a better rugby framework for 12 - 20 year olds in the Okanagan.  It has recommended that we offer our full support to the ORU as it develops itself as a leader of rugby development in the Okanagan.
Action: Doug will contact the ORU to identify their initiatives over the next year and determine how we can help them to achieve their goals.  He will report back to the Board regarding the ORU at our next Board meeting.
4. Coaching/Referee Development - The Board has allocated $7,000 to support coach and referee development in 2018.  For clarification, it has identified what it will ask of Gord Marano, who has volunteered to lead this initiative.  It will ask Gord to (a) define the present state of rugby coaching and refereeing in the schools and clubs of the Okanagan; (b) set a goal for the number of coaches and referees required to operate a male and female XVs program in every school and club in the Central Okanagan, and (c) build and initiate a plan to take us from (a) to (b).  
Action: Doug will contact Gord and work with him to get this project initiated.
5. Five Minute Updates
Minis/Touch Sevens - Derek indicated that there are 222 registrations so far for minis and touch rugby this spring.  This exceeds last year's registrations of 214.  He expects the late registrations over the next week will take us to around 270.  He has a strong set of volunteers for the season, which begins April 22.  The U15 league will need some further registrations for it to operate.  All other touch sevens leagues have ample numbers.  
Youth Contact XVs/Sevens - Marshall indicated that six senior boy's XVs and three girl's XVs programs are operating in the Valley this spring.  Three junior programs are also operating in Kelowna.  He is looking for coaching help at MB, where one coach is sustaining a couple of programs.  There is also a need for a U14 Girls Coach for the PRC side.
CORD Academy - Barry indicated that the academy has just a couple of outside sessions remaining from a very successful off-season program.  He, Leana, and Dean will work with Darcy Patterson from BC Rugby to coordinate the provincial and local programs more seamlessly in 2018/19.
Adult Summer Touch - Doug has contacted all of last year's programs to determine their interest in this year's leagues - has only heard back from one team so far. He expects 14 - 16 teams in the two leagues - competitive and recreational.  This year's fees will be $350/team ($25/person) and will involve team leaders registering their team online, using BC Rugby's registration system.  
PV Vicars - Clare reported that the Vicars are experiencing a rebirth, with many younger players filling out the team and assuming roles on their executive.  Lots of tour talk on the team, including a tour to Alaska in 2019.  
Referees - Chris W. was pleased with the turnout at the April 15 refereeing clinic.  16 referees were trained by three officials.   Lots of youth being trained, refs from up and down the valley were in attendance.  There is still a real shortage of referees locally.  We still have a lot of development to do.  Chris warns that all new leagues (eg. planned growth in female rugby) will need plans for referee development as well.
6. CORE Bursary Winners - Seven $500 CORE Rugby bursaries will be awarded in 2018.  Don Bingham and Doug selected last week them from over 20 applicants this year.  Names will be announced at various grad ceremonies in June.  There are also a few strong candidates for the $1,000 Courtney Walls Scholarship.  The winner will be chosen and announced in late May.
7. CORE Website - The CORE website is being overhauled, under the leadership of John Good from Turtle Bay IT Services.  We should see some results in late May.  
The meeting ended at 8:58 PM.
Next Board Meeting - June 11, 2018.
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