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CORE Founding Members

A Founding Member of the CORE society is a person or organization that donates $1,000 or more to the CORE Endowment Fund.  New founders are added to the list regularly. 

Thanks to the kind contributions of these 40 individuals and organizations, there is more than $100,000 in the CORE Endowment Fund.  This enables CORE to provide five $500 bursaries to graduating local rugby players every year, plus the $1,000 Courtney Walls Bursary.

Pat Aldous            Rob Geisthardt Bob Monaghan
Wayne Bailey Jeremy Harris Al Perry
Chris Bayne Mark Hetherington Tony Peyton
Don Bingham Danny Illichmann Priest Valley Vicars
Rick Bourne Richard Ingram Mike Roberts
BC Rugby Don Jenner Peter Rochfort
Oliver Butterfield Giriard Kirby UBCO Rugby Society
Clare Cassan Ken Krohman Kasper Walraven
Bob Callahan Doug Leadbetter Courtney Walls
Jim Douglas Colin Lee Chris Ward
Robin Durrant Doug Manning Greg Webb
Barry Ebl Gord Marano Jim Wright
Glenn Ennis Graeme McCauley Josh Zieske
Ensign Cup Players    









The CORE Endowment Fund is established with the Canadian Rugby Foundation (CRF). The fund contributes 3.5% of the endowed funds towards the operations of Central Okanagan rugby – forever.   The CRF provides a 25% ‘bump-up’ to all contributions.  Charitable tax receipts are issued to CORE Endowment Fund contributors.

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