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CORE Board Meeting Minutes - April 2016

Date: April 5, 2016

CORE Board Meeting Minutes

Monday, April 4, 2016 @ 7:30 PM

523 Bernard Avenue (George's Office)

In attendance: Ken Boe, Clare Cassan, Barry Ebl, George Curran, Doug Manning, Gord Marano

The meeting began at 7:36 PM.

1. Proposal: Charitable Status (Moved: Doug, Seconded: Clare) - "It is proposed that CORE pursue the establishment of CORE as a charitable organization."
Guest Gord Marano outlined the details of applying for charitable status through application to the Canadian Amateur Athletic Association. 
The motion passed Unanimously.

2. Proposal:Authorized Representative (Moved: Doug, Seconded: George) – "It is proposed that Gord Marano be authorized to represent CORE as our representative in making application for charitable status to the Canadian Amateur Athletic Association."
The motion passed unanimously.

3. Request:Gord outlined the various things he needed from CORE to complete the application.  Doug will get the 7 or 8 items to him in the next week.

4. Discussion: New Constitution: Doug reviewed a proposed new Constitution for the CORE Society, one designed to align to new requirements in the BC Societies Act that comes into effect on November 28th, 2016.  It updates the CORE Purpose to:
"To grow and develop the sport of rugby in the Central Okanagan."
The new Constitution will be presented for approval to the Members at the CORE AGM on December 3rd, 2016.

5. Proposal: New Constitution(Moved: Barry, Seconded: George) – "It is proposed that the Directors approve the new Constitution for presentation to the Members at the AGM and to members of our rugby community over the next several months."
The motion passed unanimously.

6. Discussion: New By-Laws – Doug reviewed a proposed new structure and set of By-Laws for CORE.  It establishes CORE as a collective spokesperson for the Central Okanagan rugby community and updates many outdated and incorrect By-Laws.  The review included a look at the following changes:

Two Types of Members– Voting Members and Associate Members. – Doug was encouraged to review these new By-Laws to assure that local founding organizations would not be precluded from participation because of their inability to register all members.

Founding Organizations– will seek to provide an affiliated voice to all seven existing rugby elements - (a) Elem. Schools, (b) Middle/Sec. Schools, (c) UBC Okanagan, (d) Crows, (e) Vicars, (f) CORE Programs, and (f) ORRS.

7 Elected Directors– all with allocated two-year roles – President, Treasurer, 5 'Portfolio Directors'.

Appointed Directors– authority to appoint Directors until next AGM.

Keeping Reports– new rules require better report-keeping.

7. Proposal: New By-Laws(Moved: Doug, Seconded: Ken) – "It is proposed that the Directors approve the new By-Laws for presentation to the Members at the AGM and to members of our rugby community over the next several months."
The motion passed unanimously.

8. Discussion - Registration System– Doug indicated this was a key strategic development to be explored over the next few months.  The Board was reminded that $3,000 has been allocated for website improvement.  Additional funds may be used to integrate an on –line registration system to the CORE site. 

9. Discussion: City of Kelowna Glenmore Fieldhouse 'Letter of Intent'– Board members reviewed the 'Letter of Intent' to be submitted to the City for development of the Glenmore Fieldhouse.  General support was provided to the submission.

10. Director Reports – Minis/Touch – George indicated that 71 minis had registered two weeks ago.  He believes their registration will be near 150 by the start date of April 17.  Ken indicated that 11 – 13 schools will run Elementary Touch programs this year.  The balls have been delivered to most schools – the league starts up next week.

11. Director Report – CORD Academy/All-Star Game/PRCs – Barry said participation remains low in the CORD Academy.  Those that are there are showing benefits.  The All-Star Game will run for Okanagan-wide U18 Boys this year.  After two days of practices, Chuck Bullock intends to run the game on June 11th.  The PRC will run U14, U16, and U18 Boys sides this year.  The U18 boys will complete in a five-team interlock league.

12. Director Report – Financial Update – Clare indicated that CORE's finances are strong, with $27,019 in the bank.  Doug indicated that 67 members had paid their fees so far.  There are 30 – 40 more that need to be collected.

13. Director Report – Bursaries/High School Sevens – Doug reviewed the five bursary recipients that have been selected by Don Bingham for 2016.  He also indicated that middle and high school rugby programs are in trouble in the Central Okanagan region.  A May Sevens League has had seven Okanagan school indicate interest.  Only 3 school expressed interest in the grade 9 sevens league.

The meeting ended at 9:31 PM.

Next Meeting: June 27

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