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Vicars Win Snowy Match at the Coast

Date: March 16, 2009

Author: Ron Pelechaty

Now that’s what I’m talking about. Snowing, cold, crappy drive, & Vicars on the road. 22 of them to be exact. It sure feels good to have those kinds of numbers so we can keep slotting fresh legs and lungs in and out. And it showed. And then add Chuck and Dean to our always powerful pack and it’s a wonderful thing.

Congratulations to the Legends and the East Side Gents for coming out in numbers as well and for providing some very tough opposition. So when’s the last time you played a game of rugby in downtown Vancouver in a driving snow storm. Unbelievable but true.

The cold and wet conditions made for a very sloppy (forwards type) game. Possession and keep it simple and drive straight ahead. No flash and no fancy passes. And after enough reminders during every possible break we finally started doing it and came away with a well deserved 3 – 1 victory. We didn’t blow them away but we controlled the game when we had to and defended very well.

And congratulations to our two road virgins. Chuck and Dean were both a force and glad to have them on our side. And they both came away with a nice token from the hosting at Connaught park so I look forward to seeing them out both at home and on the road more often. So a great day for Vicars rugby and special thanks to all the drivers in the vans and on their own for braving a very shitty drive on the way home. We really need to address this early season scheduling as an April / May season would be much more to my liking. And easier on the nerves.

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