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O40 Match in Nelson Builds Memories for Vicars

Date: July 12, 2009

Author: Ron Pelechaty

What can I say? Another hugely successful weekend in the Kootenays. (aside from the final score)

Starting with the golf on Friday. A beautifully kept challenging (have they never seen flat ground??) course. Even riding that course seemed long. We ended up with 7 Vicars and 4 Old Koots (and a couple rider/walkers; Karen and Cindy) so good on you Kevin for arranging for 3 groups to go out there and be beat up by the course or at least in our group. If you’re ever in Castlegar with some time for a round it’s well worth it but take the cart unless your nuts. Just driving up to the course will give you a hint. Oh, and it was hot! Fun Fun! Then to Finlay’s to meet up with the rest of the gang and have a couple refreshments and some dinner and swap some stories. A very full day so off to bed to rest up for the game.

Steve, Dean, Dean, Jim N, Jim W, Crash, Mark, Kasper, Clare, Yorkie, Steve, Colin, Peter, Ron, Blaine, Bing, Kevin made the trip. Add Sean from here and Scot, Brent, and Dr K rotating in as our props. Thanks a million guys. Also Nancy, you’re the best! And to our fan club: Garth, Buck, Al, and all the ladies. It was great to see you all there supporting our cause.

So our numbers were good and we would need them as the heat was rapidly rising. It was shaping up to be a scorcher so get started as early as we could so we could get out of the heat and have some beer. It was a hard fought affair with both teams showing signs of brilliance in a very see saw affair for the first three quarters. And the short field was a bonus I think but you could never tell where you were and more than a couple guys tried running through the end zone before putting down the ball. So both teams were very even until our lack of game shape started showing. In the beginning we were stealing their put ins. In the end we were some handsomely dressed (those new jerseys do look good) pylons. So they ended up on the upper end of a draw. The important thing was no serious injuries and an enjoyable game. And the camaraderie grows. Thanks Greg for a good job calling the game and keeping both sides honest and the bickering to almost none existent.

Then off to a little back yard hosting for a bit of grub and some refreshments. A guy has to stay hydrated when it’s this hot out. And in the shade! And then back to town where the gang split to any of the many choices for a nice dinner. Nelson really is a nice choice for this event as there are so many shops for the women to do some browsing and shopping and then all the nice little restaurants for dinner.

Sunday! Quiet, a bit of breakfast and some browsing. A quiet drive (nobody speeds any where near Christina Lake I hope as they are way to busy with the speed traps) And then the Prospector Pub in Rock Creek for a great burger. And then zoom and we’re home. I hope everyone had a great weekend because I sure did.

Cheers to all the organizers for a job well done and we look forward to returning the favour when the Koots travel here.

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