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Vicars Defeat SOBs in Kick-Off to Fall Season

Date: September 13, 2009

Author: Ron Pelechaty

So to the day. Let’s start off by saying the Okangan weather was outstanding. It was our first game of the fall schedule and it was nice to see all the regulars out. I know that I can always count on you. But I have to welcome one of our regulars who hasn’t been out for a bit back. Ollie was banged up in the same tourney as Garth and has been out for a year so it was really nice to see him back on the pitch. And the ageless Jim was back out running around. But the red shorts stud this time has to go to Colin. I think he played the whole game (hot day) doing all the lineout jumping (Bobbie, where are you?) and making some great tackles.

The pack was solid as ever against a very tough SOB side who has always had a good pack. It was great that we could play a contested scrum as it’s been a while and Dr K was getting restless. Marshal, a new prop, pleeeaase be only a minor muscle strain as we really want to see you back soon. Greg, we missed you in the spring and you reminded us why. You had an awesome game directing the backs around the field. The forwards really appreciate seeing the ball being advanced in a positive direction after all their hard work to get it for us. Mark H, great to see you back as well after time off to heal. May be we found a new spot for you to play that utilizes your skill without having to run as much.

George and Barry, great to see you. This is the area that we have been addressing for a while and it’s great to see it starting to come together. What I’m talking about is the Crows/Vicars transition. George, I hope the shot in the coconut will not deter you from coming our again soon. I hope to see you both out again this coming weekend against Victoria. And Ray in the centers, welcome. And Villie, are you a regular yet? So cheers to all our usual dozen or so regulars and to the 6 or so whom we hope to soon call regulars. No road game till the middle of October so we have time to lure you in.

And to the results. There are no losers in Old Boys rugby. Both teams played a clean hard fought game, no extracurricular shit and both teams enjoyed the day. But we did outscore them 3 – 0 so hats off boys, one down, many more to go.

The Crows also enjoyed a very successful day winning both their matches (2nd and 1st div) handily so the season is looking very positive. And I don’t know how the cricket went but I hope the home town boys did well.

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