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Three Go Undefeated in Week One of Summer Touch

Date: June 20, 2017

For the first time ever on Monday night, two different adult touch rugby leagues started their summer league play.  More than 190 men and women on 13 teams enjoyed a night of very competitive games at Parkinson fields. 

The 7-team Competitive League started their league play immediately.  Three perennial top teams, Nuts & Jugs, Killer Bunnies, and Riskey Wicks demonstrated their intent to take home the Dai Dobbs Trophy by going undefeated in their first two games. 

Nuts and Jugs defeated a real scary Scarecrows side 5 - 2 in their first match, and then had their way with Rohirrim, taking them out by a score of 8 - 3.  The Bunnies started their season by pounding last year's champs Heat of the Moment in a 7 - 3 match.  Then they hopped all over the Scarecrows 6 - 3.  Riskey Wicks also went undefeated in their start, scalding the Heat 8 - 4 before feeling out Touch & Go 4 - 1 in a very competitive match.

The new 6-team Recreational League began their season of play with a couple of exhibition games, setting the stage for the beginning of their league play next week.  The Alcoballics demonstrated their intent to take home the Silver Cup, staggering the opposition in both their games.  The 3B's bravely brought boys and babes before barely bringing home a 5 - 4 win over the left-leaning Red Cards.  It is clear this is going to be a fun and competitive league.

Both leagues will run for eight weeks on consecutive Mondays, beginning June 19 and ending with the playoffs on August 7.  Will the Mangy Mutts scratch out a win?  Will the Big White Rejects catch an edge?  Can the Heat get back on the boil?  Stay tuned for next week's matches to find out.  Spectators are always welcome.  Join us from 6 - 8 PM on Monday night at Parkinson fields.

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