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Nuts & Jugs Win Ampersand Match to Stay Undefeated

Date: June 27, 2017

Two teams with ampersands in their name went head-to-head on Monday night.  Only one of them remained punctual by the end of the match.  Nuts & Jugs bracketed Touch & Go by a score of 4 - 1, full stop. Touch & Go was more successful in their other game of the evening, feeling out the Killer Bunnies before running away with a 7 - 4 win.  This was the Bunnies first loss of the season and it left them looking for a hole to hide in.

Riskey Wicks also plummeted from the undefeated list, losing a 5 - 4 cliffhanger to the Jugs.  Other Competitive League matches saw the Scarecrows extinguish Heat of the Moment 5 - 4 and Riskey Wicks wax the Scarecrows 5 - 3 in another exciting match.

The Recreational League kicked off their season with some exciting matches.  Two front runners declared their interest in winning the Silver Cup.  The Big White Rejects ignored their 3 - 3 halftime score with the Red Cards and slalomed their way to a 6 - 3 win.  The Alcoballics also started 2 - 0, tippling Mellow Yellow 5 - 4 before chugging their way past the Red Cards 7 - 2. 

We had our first tie game of the 2017 season, with the 3B's basically beating the Mangy Mutts before bad behavior begat the 4 - 4 score. 

Play continues next Monday at Parkinson for both leagues.  See you there!

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