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Heat Win League, Enter Playoffs as #1

Date: August 9, 2016

P!nk's new record may be "Just Like Fire" but it is the 'Heat of the Moment' who has been scorching up the touch sevens league this year.  After losing 6 - 5 to the Scarecrows in Week One, the Heat have won eight consecutive league games.  Victims this week included a very talented Rohirrim side, who lost 10 - 3 to the high scoring Heat, and Scrum-tuous, who lost 12 - 3.  The Heat finished league play with a 9 win, 1 loss record.  They enter the playoffs next week as the #1 seed.

The 2016 playoffs feature three different competitions, with every team capable of winning their division.  The Dai Dobbs Trophy playoffs feature four teams who had winning seasons.  Liam Grogan's top-ranked Heat of the Moment side join Jason Richards' #2 Killer Bunnies (8 - 2), Jeremy Harris' Nuts & Jugs (8 - 2), and Barry Ebl's #4 Scarecrows (7 - 3), in pursuit of the Dobbs, emblematic of touch rugby supremacy in the Central Okanagan.

The Silver Cup competition features teams who placed 5th - 8th in 2016 league play.  Riskey Wicks (7 - 3) will enter as the favorites.  They barely missed out of the Dobbs championships, losing in points differential from league play.  They share this fate with The Rohirrim (7 - 3), an explosive team whose defensive lapses hurt them in 2016.  Joining them in the Silver Cup tournament are the Wu-Try Clan (4 - 6) and Kiss Our Aces (4 - 6).  The Aces won 4 of their last 6 matches to claw their way into the Silver Cup competition.

The "Best of the Rest" competition features a group of new social sides who did very well in a very competitive league this year.  Mellow Yellow will enter this tournament as the favorite.  Their side showed good scoring capacity and will move up the standings with experience.  New teams Scrum-tuous, Red Cards, and Young Guns will round out the tournament.

Games start at 6:00 PM on Monday, August 15.  All three finals will be played at 7:20 PM.  All games are played on Parkinson Rec fields.  Rugby enthusiasts are welcome to come enjoy this fast-paced, fitness-oriented game.  

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