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Scarecrows Stuff Bunnies to Win Dai Dobbs Trophy

Date: August 15, 2017

They barely qualified for playoffs.  They had never beaten the Killer Bunnies in a match over the past six years.  However, on any given day....

The Scarecrows took the stuffing out of the Bunnies in the Competitive Summer Touch Rugby League Final, thrashing them 3 - 0 and shutting down an offence that had scored 70 points during the season (the most of any other team).  Not as brainless as their team name, the Scarecrows won with a stifling defence that never lost its shape.  This was their first trip to the finals and the scary ones did not disappoint, taking the Dai Dobbs Trophy home to bed by night's end. 

The bridesmaid Bunnies have been a perennial finalist in summer touch, reaching the final in five of the past six years.  They are a class group of athletes who will be favorites for 2018.

The Scarecrows were one of three teams that tied for 4th in the Comp League, each with 23 points at season's end.  Their point differential got them into the semi-final against 1st place Touch & Go, the hottest team in the final weeks of league play.  Relying on strong team defence, the haymakers diminished the speed and athleticism of the Touch & Go squad, and worked their way to a 4 - 2 victory.  This set the stage for their Dai Dobbs championship.

In the Recreational final, the Alcoballics had to work hard to earn a hard-fought 5 - 4 victory over the Red Cards.  It looked as if the woozy ones would not even make the Rec Final, as they trailed their semi-final match with the Big White Rejects 4 - 3 with one minute left on the clock.  A quick try and another at the hooter got them a 5 - 4 win and a trip into the final.  The Red Cards and Alcoballics took turns with the lead until the staggering final few minutes, when the Alcoballics took their shot and eked out another 5 - 4 victory.  

This was our most successful Summer Touch Rugby League ever, with 174 players registered on one of 13 different teams in two different and very competitive leagues.  Congratulations to team leaders and referees for our classiest league yet.  


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