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CORE Board Agenda - December 11, 2017

Date: December 5, 2017

The first meeting of the expanded CORE Board will take place on December 11.  The primary focus of discussion will be on youth rugby infrastructure for 14 - 20 year old boys and girls in the Central Okanagan.

It is recognized that local elementary-aged rugby boys and girls have an excellent set of programs to choose from.  608 boys and girls participated in at least one of the following programs in 2016/17. 
Ages 4 - 8 - Crows Mini-Rugby
Ages 9 - 12 - CORE Touch Sevens
Ages 9 - 11 - Elementary Touch Sevens
Ages 12 - 13 - Grade 7/8 Rugby XVs

After grade 8 rugby in the fall, many players have no rugby opportunities until spring of their grade 10 year.  This is one of the issues to be discussed and planned for at the CORE Board Meeting.  

There are a declining number of middle and secondary school boy's rugby programs.  There are no programs in place for girls.  Plans will also be made to improve this Central Okanagan dilemma.

Here is the agenda for the CORE Board Meeting.  If you have an idea to add to the discussion, please get your idea to a Board member so it can be presented.  CORE Board members are: George Curran (mini-rugby), Derek Worrall (youth touch rugby), Doug Manning (adult touch rugby), Marshall Corbett (youth XVs and sevens), Chris Haynes, (university/college XVs and sevens), Barry Ebl (adult XVs and sevens), Clare Cassan (O40 rugby), and Chris Ward (referees).  

CORE Board Meeting
Monday, December 11 @ 7 PM


1. INFO: Q1 Financial Update 
2. INFO: Budgets for 2018
3. DISCUSSION: Planning for Boys/Girls Rugby Development in Kelowna (14 - 20 years old)
4. DECISION: Boys/Girls Grade 9 Rugby Initiatives - Spring 2018
5. DISCUSSION: Coach/Referee Development - what do we want by 2020?  In 2018?
6. DECISION: Future CORE Annual General Meetings
7. INFO: Player Development Fund
8. INFO: Rugby Centre
9. INFO: Level 2 Coaching Session - Feb. 23 and 24


10: Next Meeting: February 19
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