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New Five-Year Focus for CORE

Date: December 12, 2017

CORE has been very successful over the past seven years at developing a solid rugby infrastructure for 4 - 13 year old players.  At the December 11, 2017 Board meeting, a new focus for the rugby development society was established.  If we get this right, rugby growth will explode in the Central Okanagan.

The meeting minutes below are long - apologies for that.  However, all members of our rugby community are encouraged to take 10 minutes and read them.  They set a path that we need everyone who loves rugby to support.  


CORE Board Meeting

December 11, 2017
7 PM @ ARC Building
In Attendance: Clare Cassan, Marshall Corbett, George Curran, Barry Ebl, Chris Haynes, Doug Manning, Chris Ward, Derek Worrall
The meeting started at 7:00 PM.
1. Rugby Centre - Board members were informed that the City of Kelowna has given a 'P2' rating to the completion of the Glenmore Rec Park two fields, paved access road, and parking.  This means the project is still a priority but that it will not be funded for 2018.  The park's completion will be delayed for at least one more year.  CORE funds targeted for use in the development of architectural drawings for a sport fieldhouse on the property were reallocated.
2. Financial Update - CORE's financial situation remains strong, with $30,407 in our primary account and $6,139 in our Gaming Grant account.  Gaming funds use in 2018: $3,000 in support of the touch rugby program and $2,200 for CORD Academy dome rental.
3. Budget Update - The Board approved changes to the CORE 2018 budget.  Touch Rugby's budget is now $10,800.  Derek has $1,000 extra in sponsors that will be allocated to referees for the touch sevens.  The $10,000 donated by Don Jenner two years ago and allocated for use in the Glenmore Centre was reallocated to the coaching/refereeing development project and to website repair and upgrades.  
The Board reviewed how CORE revenue is gathered and allocated.  The biggest shortfall is presently in memberships.  48 memberships have been collected.  At least 52 more are needed for 2018 to fully fund our financial assistance program for youth.  CORE membership is under-represented in some part of our community, such as the Crows, school coaches, university players, and mini parents.  Board members were challenged to increase their member's involvement in CORE projects and voting membership.
A different membership model was proposed and discussed.  Doug will discuss with each 'Founding Organization' their willingness to add $25 to their membership, making every registered player and member a Voting Member of CORE.  
4. Planning for Rugby - Ages 14 - 20 - It was recognized that our rugby programming for boys and girls aged 14 - 20 is weak and getting weaker.  This creates tremendous problems for adult programs like UBCO and the Crows.  CORE's primary focus for the next five years will be to (a) sustain our excellent programs for players aged 4 - 13; and (b) create an excellent set of touch, sevens, and XVs programs for 14 - 20 year old players.
The discussion began with a view to the Year 2025, when the following were imagined in place for males and females in our community:
- All 30 elementary schools operate touch rugby teams.
- A U12 and U14 touch sevens program runs every spring.
- The grade 7/8 XVs program is in all 12 schools.
- A grade 9/10 junior XVs program is in all 12 schools.
- A grade 11/12 senior XVs program is in all 5 senior schools.
- A U16 and U18 indoor touch rugby league operates in the winter.
- The U12, U14, U16, and U18 CORD Academies each have 30 registered athletes and are integrated with the U16 and U18 BC Rugby Academies.
- Boys and girls U14, U16 and U18 PRC programs are highly competitive each year.
- Boys and girls U16 and U18 Crows teams compete in the fall provincial leagues. 
- Men's and women's U20 Crows teams compete in the fall provincial leagues.
- UBCO's men's and women's XVs and sevens teams are competitive in their leagues.
- An ORU summer league includes five 'alumni teams' from Kelowna, Lake Country, Okanagan Mission, Rutland, and West Kelowna.
- Crows Men's and Women's Premier teams draw from the previously mentioned rugby infrastructure and are competitive in their respective Premier leagues.
- Men's and women's Okanagan Sevens teams competes in summer sevens tournaments. 
- An adult Summer Touch league operates with 16 teams.
- The PV Vicars have 20+ players for all home and away games.
It was recognized that parts of this imagined rugby community are presently in place for men.  Aspects of a women's rugby infrastructure do not exist in the Central Okanagan.  It was also recognized that, unless we solve the rugby puzzle of programs for 14 - 20 year olds, the vision for our robust rugby community is not achievable.  
Several initiatives were launched:
- Marshall will focus on the establishment of a stronger junior boys league this spring.  Our best case scenario is that six Central Okanagan teams operate for boys in 2018.
- Doug will meet with all middle and secondary school Principals in February.  He will discuss our sport problem for 14 - 18 year olds, offer coaching support, seek a rugby advocate in the school for boys and for girls, and discuss shared benefits of a rugby program in the school.
- Derek will operate a U14 girls PRC side in the spring, looking for games to prepare them for the provincial competition.  
- Marshall will work with Gord Marano to fill up a Level 2 coaching course on February 23 and 24.  
- All Board members were encouraged to engage their rugby communities in the conversation about rugby aged 14 - 20.  We need everyone engaged to create this teen rugby infrastructure for boys and for girls.
5. Coach/Referee Development - A shortage of rugby contributors was recognized as our second key problem in the Central Okanagan rugby community.  In particular, we are running out of volunteer coaches and referees.  Gord Marano has volunteered to head up an initiative to improve this circumstance, focused on generating and maintaining a high quantity and high quality of coaches and referees in the Central Okanagan.  
Ideally, each XVs program will have at least two Level 2 trained coaches.  Each sevens program will have at least one Level Two trained coach and all touch rugby coaches will have completed World Rugby's Rugby Ready and Concussion Management training.  All coaches will have completed criminal record checks.  All coaches and referees will take training courses every year.  The training of coaches and referees will be tracked.
All costs for coach/referee training will be covered by CORE or ORRS.  In return, coaches and referees are expected to immediately use their training in our rugby community.  A form that confirms each coach and referees commitment, including the completion of a criminal record check, will be signed by each new volunteer.
Several initiatives were launched:
- Chris Ward will provide Gord with a clear set of 2020 goals for referee development.  
- Chris Ward will work with Gord to launch a referee development program that includes referees of all ages and genders.
- Doug will work with Gord to establish a clear set of 2020 goals for coach development.
- Marshall will work with Gord to identify coaches for the Level 2 contact rugby coach training course, to be held on February 23 and 24.
- Derek will train seven referees for the spring touch rugby league.
Programs to engage the 60 rugby athletes at UBC Okanagan were briefly discussed.  UBCO will be a major provider of volunteers and role models to support our 14 - 18 year old players.
6. Future CORE Annual General Meetings - CORE will continue with its present practice of bringing in speakers for a dinner-based AGM.  The whole Board will work to assure that 100 members attend these 'whole community' rugby dinners.  A date that does not conflict with late season rugby games was recommended.
7. Player Development Fund - Richard Ingram, a member of the Vicars, is looking into the establishment of a Player Development Fund to support local rugby players.  The fund would allow for charitable tax receipts in return for donations to a fund that would support players who cannot afford participation in excellence programs in our sport.  Stay tuned for more information on this topic.
The meeting ended at 9:00 PM.
Next Meeting: February 26, 2018
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