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West Kelowna Grizzlies Play Well Against Top Club

Date: May 22, 2011

The West Kelowna Grizzlies got off to a very fast start on Saturday in their Okanagan Union game against the Vernon Men's Team.   Jeff Lohse scored a try on the first possession, converted by Dax Olafson, enabling the young West Kelowna side to take a 7 - 0 lead.

Vernon replied with three tries of their own on some sustained forward attack.  Before the half Olafson made a nice move and pass that sent winger Brian Nicholls into the corner for a another try to make the score 17-12 Vernon at the half.

The second half was a was a fairly evenly played affair with ball being moved nicely by both sides. Another try by Jeff Lohse and a final try by Vernon produced a final score of 24 -17 for Vernon.
This was a good result against a very strong and experienced Vernon club.    
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