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Courtney Walls Bursary Fund Reaches $16,000

Date: June 14, 2012

The Courtney Walls Bursary Endowment Fund crossed the $16,000 mark yesterday, thanks to a contribution from Dennis and Georgina Wyatt.  A goal of $20,000 in the fund has been set, enabling a bursary to be awarded annually to a graduating rugby player from Okanagan Mission Secondary that demonstrates the qualities that Courtney Walls possessed.  Sam Overton has been selected as the first recipient of this award in 2012.

Courtney was a top player at OKM that graduated from the school in 1982.  Graduates from that year established this fund for the school as part of their 30 year reunion celebration.

34 individuals and organizations have contributed to the fund so far, pushing the total closer to that $20,000 goal.  Organizers would like to thank these individuals and businesses for their contributions.

Sarah Aspinall, Bob Callahan, Sheri Claremont, Mike Dukelow, Gary Dukelow, Glenn Ennis, Susan Fairhurst, Kyle Ferguson, Mike Geddes, Rob Geisthardt, Paul Johansson, Kimberly Keeler, Colette Keumper, Bruce Kuklinski, Colin Lee, Michelle Mahovlich, Doug Manning, Russ McClelland, Bernie Monteleone, John & Celina Phelps, Dorothy Phelps, Kevin Shoemaker, John Tinker, Earl Van Dyke, James Vickery, Tom Woods, Dennis & Georgina Wyatt (plus 4 anonymous donors).

Ferguson Construction, Image One MRI, Sheridan Peacock.

The 'Final $4,000' drive is now on to complete this kind and considerate project by the 1982 grads.  The drive will end on June 30th.  The funds donated to this bursary will support a graduating OKM rugby player every year forever.  Those interested in adding your name to our list of contributors (you can also remain anonymous), can contribute online through the Courtney Walls Bursary website.  You can also email Doug Manning at to provide a cheque in a less technical manner.

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