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Courtney Walls Bursary Achieves $20,000 Goal

Date: July 16, 2012

Thanks to the many contributions from those who cared for Courtney Walls and his family, the Courtney Walls Bursary has reached its $20,000 endowment goal.  $21,150 will be assigned to the Canadian Rugby Foundation fund, in the Central Okanagan Rugby Enthusiasts endowment.  The interest from this fund will support the majority of a $1,000 bursary provided to a graduating rugby player from OKM each year.

The fund was started by 1982 OKM grad Bob Callahan, in memory of Courtney Walls, his long-time friend and fellow rugby player.  Many grads celebrating their 30th reunion this year contributed to the fund.

“It seemed like a timely opportunity to memorialize Court through this bursary,” said Callahan.  “He was a special guy who had the rare combination of a great work ethic and a fun-loving approach to life.  We hope to annually honor a rugby athlete from OKM that demonstrates these same qualities.  Sam Overton was a great first-ever recipient of this award.”

OKM graduating rugby players will always be considered first as this award is distributed annually.  If there are no viable candidates from OKM, the award would go to a worthy graduate from another school.  The fund will be managed by the Central Okanagan Rugby Enthusiasts (CORE).

CORE is a sport development organization in our region.  They work to expand local participation in rugby, through the introduction of summer rugby camps, the development of more coaches, managers, and referees, the offering of elite programs, improved communications, and the development of sevens and touch rugby.  They also seek to diversify revenue sources that support growth of the sport.  The endowment fund is one of those new revenue streams.

“Our rugby endowment fund has now grown to over $80,000, thanks to the contributions of local rugby supporters, “said Doug Manning, CORE President.  “Endowment funds represent one of eight different sources of revenue that allow us to build a more self-sustaining local infrastructure for our sport.”

“It was great to work with Bob on this project,” said Manning.  “I love that this bursary requires the recipient to be both skilled and open-minded on and off the pitch.  This is the great fun of rugby, working creatively with your teammates to deal with the uncertainty created by that oval-shaped ball.”

The fund remains open for anyone still interested in adding to the fund.  Interested donors are encouraged to contact Doug Manning ( for more details.

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