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Vicars Win a Fun One Over Twits

Date: May 7, 2014

Author: Ron Pelechaty

What a great day for a rugby game.  Soft fields and cool temps and a team built in the same vein as the Vicars - not too young and not too old.  Just right!  And if I counted right we had 23 guys turn up for the game. 

If ever there was a game played in true old boys spirit this was it.  We had the full gambit of ages - white (40+), black (50+), red (60+), and even a few gold (70+) shorts.  The respect shown to the various colored shorts was wonderful.  Both sides played full-on but managed to show their opponents the respect the colors dictated (most of the time) thanks in no small part to Jeff Townsend's creative reffing and timely calls.  And if anything, it taught us that you need support to win - even for the speedsters.  They weren’t allowed to run rampant. 

Good fun, great camaraderie, and lots of tries with Frank, Blair (x 2), Darren, Vic, and Mark T. contributing on the scoreboard.  Congrats to Dean in those new (this spring) bright red shorts being named the player of the game for the Vicars.  Though he didn’t win, I voted for Ken for the Twits for making a really nice open field tackle on Frank.  Oh, and Ken wears gold shorts so great game. 

I know a lot of the times the teams are younger and the intensity gets turned up but it is really good to see a game like this every now and then.   Fun for the fans and fun for the players so thanks to everyone involved.  And thanks also to the rain, which held off for the most part.

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