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UBCO Heat Women in a Tough Pool 3 Next Weekend

Date: February 28, 2015

Author: Rob O'Brien

The schedule for the National University 7’s Women's Championship that will be held on March 6&7 in Langford has been posted and can be seen here.  It looks like this year will be the most competitive year yet. 

The women’s competition has experienced a degree of controversy before the event even started.  One of the 14 teams that signed up to the event dropped out at the last minute due to injuries.  This left the organizers scrambling as a 13 team tournament is very difficult to run fairly and requiring one team to drop out at this late date would not have been fair.  Their solution was to add a “Maple Leafs” team that consisted of a series of development players for Team Canada.  This team will compete in the round robin portion of the event and then play in the consolidation rounds in the second portion no matter what record they end up with.  In any case, it definitely adds another interesting story line for discussion.

Pool 1 has McMaster, Queens, Brock and Maple Leafs.  McMaster are the defending Champions despite the fact that they posted a 0-3 record on the first day of last years event.  Although the Maple Leaf team cannot progress to the final 8, it is likely that one of the other 3 teams will end up 0-3 and thus be out of contention.

My pick: Queens and McMaster for Final 6.

Pool 2 has Guelph, UBC, UVI2 and York. Guelph has been among the top team in this tournament every year and this UBC looks very strong as well.  When you combine this with the fact that both UVIC2 and York are also expected to be strong this pool will be the toughest to progress from and the one most likely to produce an upset.

My pick: Guelph and UBC should make it to the final 6, although, it is very likely all games in this division will be close.  Unfortunately, this means that the team who finishes 1-2 on the day is unlikely to be competitive when points differential is considered, therefore, I suspect that neither UVIC2 nor York will make the final 8, even though they will likely be strong teams.

In Pool 3, there is Lethbridge, U of C and UBCO Heat on the A side and UVIC1, Regina and U of A on the B side.  This pool has 4 out of the 5 teams in CIS west competing head to head.  Given this, it will be a great challenge for either UBCO or U of Regina to survive into the final 8.  U of A , U of C and UVIC1 are all favored to make the final 8.  UBCO has many players with speed and scoring ability and that gives them a fighting chance to secure and upset and end the day 2-1.

My pick:  I believe that this division will be much tighter than many expect and there is reasonable chance that 4 of the 8 teams in the final 8 will come from this division. Given this my money is on U of A, U of C, UVIC1 and our very own UBCO Heat team to make it into the final 8.

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