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UBCO Heat Men Prepare for a Competitive Pool 2

Date: February 28, 2015

Author: Rob O'Brien

The schedule for the National University 7’s Men's Championship that will be held on March 6&7 in Langford has been posted and can be seen here.  It looks like this year will be the most competitive year yet. 

There are 14 teams competing in the men’s division, making the pools a bit different than most people are familiar with.  There are 3 pools, pool 1 and pool 2 each contain 4 teams who will play each other in round robin.  In pool 3 there are 6 teams divided into two groups , Group 3A and Group 3B.  In the case of Group 3, each team in Group 3A will play each team in Group 3B to get 3 games that will determine their placement in the elimination round.

Pool 1 has UVIC1, U of C, Waterloo and U of S.  There is little doubt that UVIC will again go 3-0 in this first round and leave U of C and Waterloo fighting it out for second place.  There is even some probability that U of C and Waterloo could both make the final 8, but it will be a much larger challenge for U of S to make it.  

My pick: UVIC1 and Waterloo for Final 6 with U of C making it into final 8.

Pool 2 has UBC, RMC, Mount Royal and UBC Okanagan.  UBC has an exceptionally strong side and many feel that they are the team to beat this year.  After this, the next 3 teams will all be very close.  Home team bias has me expecting our Heat team to be the second team to make it out of this pool, but Mount Royal has a history of coming to the tournament with unexpectedly strong teams.  RMC usually comes with a big fit team but I expect that the skills of the western university teams will prevail.

My pick: UBC and UBCO in final 6

 In Pool 3, there is Queens, UVIC2 and Regina on the A side and McMaster, Humber and U of A on the B side.  Queens played a very strong tournament last year and are expected to be even better this year.  UVIC 2 is also always competitive. 

My pick: I expect that Queens and UVIC2 will be the top 2 teams in this Pool with McMaster and Humber ending up fighting it out with U of C for the 7 and 8 positions on the second day of the tournament.  

I fully expect that UBC, UVIC and Queens will be in the final four.  The 4th position will be much harder to predict, and the UBCO Heat team is a long shot for that position.  However, there is a strong possibility that this year could be their best finish ever.

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