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Vicars Enjoy Rainy Road Game Against the Snowcaps

Date: March 26, 2015

Author: Ron Pelechaty

This game summary comes through the courtesy of Ron Pelechaty - O40 scribe for the Priest Valley Vicars.  He sums up the game played last weekend against the Snowcaps.

It was a typical Vancouver day.  It rained!  And then it rained harder.  But it was a good day for rugby.  We showed up with 18 guys on a road trip so fantastic turnout and thanks to everyone that made it.  And the Snowcaps numbers were not that different from our own.  The only difference was the color of the shorts, overall they were much whiter. 

Though I believe they employed three red shorts (all be it sparingly), we fielded six for most of the match.  For the most part, both sides gave the reds their due.  Both sides played the game with respect for the opposition regardless of short color and there was minimal chirping.  Everyone seemed to enjoy the game. 

The Snowcaps are a strong side again this year but our pack really held their own, especially in the scrums which even some of their fans acknowledged.  Where we did struggle was the lineouts.  It was evident that they must have spent more time honing their skills to spoil our throws and win most of their own.  This comes from Loren and I quote “maybe we should work on a few lineout drills at practice to incorporate two jumpers and get our timing down”.

Where they were most dominant was in the loose and in the backs as they were constantly creating overlaps.  We played solid defense for the most part and did manage to hem them in their own 22 for an extended stretch near the end of the game.  We just needed a few more touches on offence to make a game of it. 

Suffice to say they came away with a solid victory but the Vicars showed well against a younger speedier team.  Thanks Robb for stepping in at scrum half, a tough spot to fill, and congratulations to Brian M named player of the game for our side.  We came home with 18 guys with no real injuries.  So a good day and a good hosting and a couple cold ones enjoyed among friends. 

Not a bad way to spend a Sunday.

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