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O40 Vicars Enjoyed a Busy Fall Season

Date: December 1, 2017

Author: Ron Pelechaty

The Vicars had a very interesting and successful fall 2017. 

It started with the Golden Oldies tour to Ottawa as part of the Canada 150 celebration.  Most of the guys arrived August 20 for the week-long celebration.  There were 16 teams from around the world so it was a very diverse rugby crowd.  We won the first two games handily with a little help from some Aussie friends we met.  And we lent them a couple speedy guys to bolster their ranks in their games.  We ended up playing them, as we were both undefeated.  They took it 6 – 4 but it was another great day on the pitch.  More friends and more contacts were made to work on future tours.  Thanks to Don Jenner & Kasper Walraven for taking the reins and making this tour a go.

In September, the Vicars hosted the opening 10-a-side tourney for the league this year.  We had teams from Williams Lake, Calgary, Abby, Penticton, Victoria, West Van and North Van, so it was a good day at the park.  Hard to track all the results but, as is the norm in these old boys tourneys, we missed the playoffs portion of the schedule, opting instead to sit on the deck, tell stories, and enjoy the company of old friends (and a couple libations).  A great kick off to the fall session.

The Vicars had a busy fall schedule.  We won our 1st home game big against the SOBs from Surrey.  We lost a tight one in Abby, then won big at home against the Snowcaps.  We finished the year joining with our Burnaby mates for a trip to Seattle.  Big win for Canada. 

More important than the results is that the Vicars had good numbers at all fixtures this fall.  We are seeing an influx of young legs to the squad and a renewed commitment to keeping the Vicars a viable and competitive club in the BCRU 40+ division.

The Vicars run every Wednesday @ 6 till the snow flies and the city takes the field away.  

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