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Introducing the KRFC Coos!

Date: May 23, 2018

There are lots of great ideas but only a few ever become reality.  One great idea being realized this summer is being championed by an accomplished former Kelowna Crows player.  

Cameron Pierce, a Vernon native capped three times for Canada, most recently against Russia in 2016, and a professional player in the French ProD2 and Top14, is working with the Crows to establish a competitive Okanagan men's sevens team called the KRFC Coos.  Cam's network of talented national and up-and-coming rugby players will join the Coos and play alongside top Okanagan rugby talent.   

The team will enter into a few sevens tournaments this summer.  Cam's goal is to provide a place where top Okanagan players can enjoy higher-level playing experiences.  "I hope our program not only strengthens the skills base of our local rugby athletes but also enables key individuals at a national level to see the capabilities of our Okanagan players."

Cam's success in rugby began with the Kelowna Crows in 2009, when they placed 2nd in Div. 1.  He made the BC U18 side that year, which earned him a rugby scholarship to the University of Victoria.  Cam recently retired from rugby at 26 years old due to 20+ months of post-concussion syndrome.  

"When I returned to Kelowna this spring, I was please to see so much young talent coming out of UBCO and heading to the Crows," said Pierce.  "Thanks to the KRFC and my 'import' coaches Rich Brewer and Chris Haynes, I made it as a professional rugby player.  In my retirement, the Coos program is the least I could do to connect local players with BC and Rugby Canada opportunities."

Local fans can watch the KRFC Coos at its inaugural tournament right here in Kelowna on July 28 and 29 - at the Center of Gravity Sevens.  The Coos will enter the Elite Men's competition.

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