10 Obvious Reasons to Become a CORE Voting Member

  1. You Love Rugby - If you have played the sport, it has shaped you. The rugby ball is oval; its central design is about chaos. You became more enterprising because of that chaos. You learned how to work as part of a team, capitalizing together on the chaos to create opportunity. You learned that the game is on the pitch and at the post-game we're all rugby players. By investing in CORE, you help provide more people with the many benefits you have already experienced from our sport.
  2. You Love Rugby For Kids - Rugby builds character. It has deep-rooted traditions of respect, resilience, sportsmanship, self-management, and unselfishness. All types of rugby develop physical skills and fitness through playful activity - basic skills like balance, hand-eye coordination, running, passing, and catching. Contact rugby develops additional qualities for going into contact, kicking a ball, evasive running/passing, courage, perseverence, and overall strength and coordination. Rugby encourages team play. Except at very young ages, progress is seldom achieved on your own. Teamwork and supporting each other are vital for success. What parent does not want all of this for their children?
  3. You Want Rugby to Grow and Develop - CORE's stated Purpose is, "To grow and develop the sport of rugby in the Central Okanagan." You are excited by CORE's vision for local rugby, which is: (a) touch rugby as a lifetime sport for all ages; (b) quality rugby XVs programs in schools and the community for boys/men and girls/women from 12 to O40; (c) competitive rugby sevens programs for male and female players from 12 to young adult; (d) a robust Okanagan Rugby Union that provides top quality leagues that require little travel; (e) an Okanagan Premier men's and women's team operating out of Kelowna, and (f) a self-sustaining and proactive rugby development centre for the region.
  4. You Miss Hanging Around With Rugby Players - There must be evidence somewhere that a chaos-centric sport will attract chaos-centric people. It's no secret that rugby types are fun. By joining CORE, at minimum you'll get to attend the AGM annually and tell stories and lies about those great old rugby days. At best, you'll volunteer to deliver some rugby program with other silly people seeking to contribute to our sport. Rugby is a fun place to belong.
  5. You Want to Invest in Players - Rugby needs a clear pathway of development for its players. It needs financial awards and assistance for its players, especially those competing at provincial and national levels. Rugby players need off-season opportunities to develop their fitness and skills. Players need opportunities to watch and play with the best. This is what the CORE society does - it invests its time and money in the development and support of rugby players.
  6. You Want To Support Local Rugby - We're the 'Central Okanagan' Rugby Enthusiasts. Our primary focus is rugby athletes between Peachland and Oyama. When you support the CORE society, the return on your investment will be within an hour's drive of your house.
  7. You Want To Support Rugby Long-Term - Traditionally, rugby programs focus on rugby operations. It's a full-time job just to get a competitive team to the pitch on any given rugby day. CORE does not focus on operations, its focus is on development. We invest in five-year plans to do things like grow touch rugby, or develop better/more coaches and referees, or increase the number of female players in the region. This provides the fertile rugby development environment in which teams can more effectively operate.
  8. CORE Has a Record of Success - Our first seven years were focused on 4 - 11 year olds - growing our base of players who enjoy play with a rugby ball. 350 local 4 - 11 year olds are enjoying mini-rugby or touch sevens in the community in 2018. An additional 330 grade 4 - 6 players in 16 local schools are having fun in the Elementary Touch Sevens league. The size of our youth touch program rivals the best of any similar-sized community. All this is evidence that an investment in CORE will turn into improved local rugby services.
  9. You're Looking for a Way to Improve Rugby in Canada - The remedy to our national rugby decline is in the grassroots and most everyone knows it. CORE's new focus is players aged 12 - 20, the problem child of rugby in all regions of the world. We have traditionally counted on schools to recruit and retain players at this age. The number of players, coaches, and rugby programs in schools is in serious decline. CORE's attention has shifted to sustaining our solid 4 - 11 year-old base while rebuilding the scope of rugby opportunities for 12 - 20 year-old youth. You want to be part of that.
  10. You Like the Free Meal Thing - Voting Members of CORE pay $75 each year to support local rugby development. $40 of that goes to financial support for local youth players. $35 goes towards a meal for you at CORE's Annual General Meeting. It just feels good to get a free meal now and then, even though you secretly know what makes it 'free'.


Contact Doug Manning to become a CORE Voting Member. The more hands on the wheel, the better. (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

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Friday, 04 December 2020

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