2017 CORE Annual General Meeting Minutes

Central Okanagan Rugby Enthusiasts
2017 Annual General Meeting Minutes
Saturday, November 25, 2017 @ The Capri Hotel

The meeting began at 6:10 PM.
52 individuals were in attendance, 36 of them Voting Members.
The meeting met quorum requirements of the Society.

President’s Report

An outline of player development elements was presented to the members. Four elements were recognized in CORE’s player development program – Player Engagement (Mini-Rugby, Touch Rugby, Player Financial Support, Rugby Events), Player Enjoyment (School Teams, Club Teams, Touch Leagues, Communications), Player Excellence (CORD Academy, PRC Teams), and Rugby Enrichment (Coaches, Referees, Club Leaders, Sponsors, Volunteers).

Rugby Growth– Another good year for CORE touch rugby programs. However, there was minimal growth in player numbers. Only the adult Summer Touch showed strong growth, from 154 to 191 registered players.

Rugby Growth – The Touch Rugby 2020 Project is ‘on-track’, with 659 individuals playing touch in the Central Okanagan in 2017. In order to achieve the goal of 1,000 players by 2020, greater focus will be placed on: (a) elementary program growth; (b) middle and high school touch rugby programs; and (c) university touch rugby.

Rugby Excellence – The CORD Academy was recognized for its strong growth in 2017, making it the primary CORE success story of 2017. 47 athletes participated in U12, U14, or U16 academies in fiscal 2017, up from 14 the prior year.

Rugby Excellence – The CORD program demonstrated its value with the strong performance of the U14 boys regional team in the PRCs (bronze) and those same athletes performing well for a U14 Crows side against Vancouver and FV teams.

Rugby Sustainability – CORE remains fiscally strong in its quest for a diversity of sources for our rugby funding. 55% came from PRC player fees, due to CORE assuming responsibility for three of those programs. 20% of funds came from grants, sponsorships and donations, 18% from member fees, and 7% from endowment.

Rugby Sustainability – The CORE Endowment Fund is now at $104,488. It produces $3,500/year for use in student bursaries.

Rugby Community– The President emphasized three big future goals for the Central Okanagan rugby community.
(1) Rugby for Everyone – making Kelowna a place where any age or any gender can play a form of rugby, if they like.
(2) Okanagan Premier Teams – men’s and women’s Premier Teams operating out of Kelowna.
(3) Rugby Centre – a home for all rugby in the region.

Rugby Community – It was recognized that the Central Okanagan has as good a rugby program as any other community in Canada - for 4 – 13 year old boys and girls. Our next focus must be on (a) sustaining our 4 – 13 quality, and (b) improving the quality of rugby programming for 14 – 20 year old males and females.

Financial Report

CORE had revenues of $51,882 in 2017, with the majority of new revenue coming from PRC player fees. This compared with $36,949 in the prior year.

Expenses in 2017 were $50,370, up from $33,019 the year before. The increase was attributed to paying the many costs for operating PRC teams.

Income for 2017 was $1,512.

CORE reported $32,117 in cash in 2017. Deferred Revenues of $10,025 and Accounts Payable of $4,502 resulted in Net Assets of $17,590 in 2017.

The executive has elected to begin spending its cash reserves in 2018. The membership was alerted to the fact that CORE plans to operate at a financial loss next year, using cash reserves to support local rugby.


Ken Boe has stepped down after one year of his two-year term, due to a move to Calgary. He will be missed. The 2018 Board is expanded in size, from 5 to 8 Directors. This is in accordance with the new Bylaws passed at the prior AGM.

Four Directors were nominated for two-year terms (2018/2019): Clare Cassan, Barry Ebl, Chris Ward, and Derek Worrall. They were all elected by acclamation.

Two Directors were nominated for one-year terms (2018): Marshall Corbett and Chris Haynes. This results in half of the Board being up for election each year. Marshall and Chris were elected by acclamation.

Two Directors are in their second year of a two-year term: George Curran and Doug Manning.

Doug Manning will remain as President and Clare Cassan will continue in the Treasurer role. All eight Directors will be assigned a portfolio to manage in the Central Okanagan rugby community. The portfolios are:
Mini-Rugby - George Curran;
Touch Rugby: Youth - Derek Worrall;
Touch Rugby: Adult/University/College - Doug Manning;
XVs/Sevens: Youth - Marshall Corbett;
XVs/Sevens: University/College - Chris Haynes;
XVs/Sevens: Adult - Barry Ebl;
O40 Rugby - Clare Cassan; and,
Referees - Chris Ward.

Post-Presentation Information

The CORE Board will use $6,000 of its reserve funds to support Coach/Referee Development in 2018. Gord Marano has agreed to head up this vital initiative.

The Central Okanagan will host the Western Canada U16 Boys and Girls Rugby Championships for the next three years. The 2018 tournament will be held on July 26 – 29 at the Parkinson Recreation Centre.

CORE has allocated $3,500 for bursaries and $3,500 for youth financial aid in 2018. It was suggested that CORE consider these bursaries for rugby-playing students in first-year university.

CORE will manage four PRC sides this year. In addition to the U14 Boys, U16 Boys, and U18 Boys teams for the Thompson Okanagan region, CORE will also manage a U14 Girls side. U16 Girls and U18 Girls will continue to be managed in Kamloops.

The expanded Board will place its emphasis on (a) maintaining the strong programs for 4 – 13 year old players, and (b) developing a 14 – 20 year old player program that is of equal high quality.

There has been no progress on the Rugby Centre, much to the disappointment of many. The Glenmore fields have been completed to Phase I, leveling the field and developing roads, fencing, and ditches for the property at Valley and Longhill roads. Phase II budget allocations for the project go to City Council on December 14. If the Glenmore fields are prioritized for funds, CORE can proceed in its negotiations with the City to build a sports fieldhouse on the property.

Capri Insurance, Code Three Emergency Vehicles, and Columbia Bottles and Recycling were recognized for their significant contribution to the Touch Rugby 2020 Project.

13 businesses and individuals were recognized for their contributions to the CORD Academy, reducing player costs for the program. They are: Advance Precast, Callahan Property Group, Canadian Rugby Foundation, Capri Insurance, Code Three Emergency Vehicles, Columbia Bottles and Recycling, Glenn Ennis, Ingram Investing, J-Ball Electronics, Ken Krohman Law, Mountain Planning Group, Orchard Chiropractic, and Valens Groworks.

The 40 individuals who put up the money to establish the CORE Endowment Fund were recognized for their legacy contribution that funds $3,500 in bursaries forever.

Leana Marton was recognized as an unsung hero in our rugby community. It was recognized that she is one of many unsung heroes in our community.

Glenn Ennis was thanked for providing world class rugby speakers to our AGM over the past eight years.

Glenn provided an excellent presentation, enriched by great humor and interesting stories. The presentation was wrapped around his recent experience of playing old boys rugby, after 17 years of being away from the game. He lamented the loss of a cohesive ‘family’ in our national teams, as players assemble days before vital international matches.

The 2017 CORE Annual General Meeting ended at 6:58 PM. The post-AGM dinner at the Capri was excellent. Socializing and pontificating went on into the wee hours. It was a great day for rugby.

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