CORE Board Meeting Minutes - June 11, 2018

In Attendance: Guest: Cam Pierce, Clare Cassan, George Curran, Barry Ebl, Chris Haynes, Doug Manning, Chris Ward, Derek Worrall

The meeting started at 7:33 PM.


'80 Minutes' Fund-Raiser - Cam Pierce spoke of his mother's excellent treatment at the Sindi Hawkins Cancer Centre on Royal Avenue. A fund-raising event that would bring the whole rugby community together to raise funds for this center was proposed and discussed.

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'Sure Tie' or 'Risky Win/Loss Gamble'?

You may remember the 1996 movie 'Tin Cup', when fictional pro golfer Roy McEvoy (played by Kevin Costner) takes a 12 on the 18th hole of U.S. Open to lose a tournament that was his to win. He did not lose because his nerves got to him. He lost because he refused to 'lay up', which is playing conservatively, positioning the ball in a spot that is less than the maximum distance he could have reached. In Roy's wee wooden head, the ethics of being true to himself, playing gutsy and memorable golf, was more important than any win would be.

Rugby Canada faced a similar situation on Saturday in their 2018 Canada Sevens game against a key rival - the USA. After a 19 - 19 tie with Australia earlier in the pool, a second tie for Canada versus US would have assured us at least a 2nd place finish in our pool. This would have put us into the top-8 side of the tournament and anything could have happened on Sunday.

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