Central Okanagan Rugby Blueprint Released for 2019 Programs


There's a lot more to local rugby than most people are aware of.  It is the tapestry of these many programs and services that is increasing the quantity and quality of rugby players from the Central Okanagan. 

The Central Okanagan Rugby Blueprint for 2019 is outlined below.  More than 60 volunteers from five different local rugby organizations are involved in its delivery.  Local schools and CORE work together to deliver touch and contact rugby programs to youth.  CORE and the Crows provide opportunities for elite rugby youth to improve their game play.  UBCO, the Crows, the Vicars, and CORE all provide adult rugby programs.  CORE also provides a number of added rugby services that strengthen the rugby development infrastructure in the region.

"Over the past 10 years, a coordinated rugby infrastructure has been developing," said Doug Manning, President of the Central Okanagan Rugby Enthusiasts society.  "It's no surprise that our number of players and number of youth making provincial teams is growing.  Our growing sport infrastructure and the many willing volunteers are making our rugby programs much more productive and sustainable."

The blueprint below identifies existing programs (*) and programs planned for introduction over the next three years.  Changes will come to this blueprint.  Releasing it today helps to clarify the scope of programs available to local rugby enthusiasts.

"Our rugby program for 4 - 13 year old players is strong," said Manning.  "We need to strengthen our services for youth 13 - 18 to sustain the opportunities for teenaged players.  This will be our our focus for the next few years.  If we do this well, our university and adult programs will reap the benefits a few years down the road."

Questions or comments regarding the Central Okanagan Rugby Blueprint can be sent to Doug via email (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).

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Rugby Referees in Crisis in Central Okanagan
CORE Board Meeting Minutes - February 13, 2019


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Friday, 04 December 2020

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