CORE Board Meeting Minutes - February 13, 2019


CORE Board Meeting Minutes
February 13, 2019

In Attendance: Chris Bayne, Marshall Corbett, George Curran, Barry Ebl, John Good, Doug Manning, Leana Marton, Derek Worrall

The meeting started at 7:01 PM

  1. DECISION: New Director Terms - Three new Directors were added to the Board by members at the 2018 AGM.  No clear definition was provided for terms for these new Directors.  This motion clarifies their terms of service on the Board.  The motion was, "That John Good, Don Jenner, and Leana Marton each be assigned to 2-year terms, with their service to the Board up for reconsideration at the 2020 AGM."  The motion passed unanimously.

  2. DECISION: Board Development - The motion was put forth, "That the CORE Board add Chris Bayne as an Appointed Director until the next CORE AGM."  Chris's involvement with the Okanagan Center for Sport makes his addition to the Board useful in 2019.  Appointed Directors are an option for the Board, according to Section 5.2 (f) of the CORE Bylaws.  The motion passed unanimously.

  3. INFO: Financial Update - On Feb. 5, CORE had $5,317 in our general account and $87 in our gaming account.  This is the traditional low point in our cash flow.  $37,000+ in revenue over the next three months is projected from individual memberships, business memberships, corporate sponsors, mini-rugby/touch sevens fees, and the endowment fund.  We also anticipate in/out donated funds for the PRC teams and BC player support.

    A membership drive will take place over the next 6 weeks - seeking to reach 100 Voting Members ($75) and 20 Business Members ($500) by the end of March.

  4. DECISION: Financial Management - as CORE now operates at over $100,000/year and a fund-raising campaign will begin in April, it was proposed, "That CORE seek a bookkeeper to manage our Chart of Accounts, that the bookkeeper begin services in May 2019, and that $1,000 be added to the 2019 budget to pay for this service."  The motion passed unanimously.

  5. DECISION: Gaming Grants - CORE seeks to expand its support from BC Gaming funds.  It was proposed, "That CORE apply for four different gaming grants in 2019 - Mini-Rugby/Touch Rugby, CORD Academy, PRC Support, and BC Player Support."  The motion passed unanimously.

    Bob Monaghan will do the applications for us again in 2019.  He plans to have our grant application in before the end of February.

  6. DISCUSSION: Central Okanagan Rugby Blueprint - A DRAFT II version of a blueprint for all rugby activities in the Central Okanagan was circulated and improved.  The draft illustrates what is going on, who is organizing it, and when it is happening.  Several improvements were made by Board members.  An updated copy will be circulated to the leaders of various Central Okanagan rugby organizations in the next few weeks.

  7. DISCUSSION: Director Projects - CORE Directors were assigned to the various projects from the Central Okanagan Rugby Blueprint.  36 different 2019 projects were assigned and accepted by Directors.

  8. DECISION: Youth Referee Management - The Okanagan Rugby Referees Society (ORRS), traditional recruiters, trainers, and allocators of local referees, is not operating this spring.  Due to a variety of reasons, including a toxic treatment of anyone who agrees to wear the whistle on local rugby pitches, there are almost no active local rugby referees.  It was proposed to Directors, "That CORE approach ORRS to assume responsibility for referee recruitment, training, and allocation for all age-grade rugby."  The motion passed unanimously.  George Curran has agreed to head up this initiative for the spring 2019 season only.

  9. DECISION: Referee Management Conditions - Assuming ORRS supports CORE managing youth refereeing in the spring 2019 season, it was proposed, "That CORE only agree to take on age-grade rugby refereeing according to the Three Conditions listed below."  The conditions are:
    (a) That George Curran assume responsibility for CORE's management of age-grade referees for the spring term only.  George agrees to find someone to manage age-grade rugby refereeing by the fall season 2019;
    (b) That CORE commit to only providing referees to schools who provide one or more individuals to the referee pool.  CORE will train those referees and allocate each to one age-grade game per week for 6 - 8 weeks.
    (c) That all age-grade teams agree to the Whistle Drop Condition.  That is that no team coach, manager, player, or fan will make game-related comments to the referee, or about the refereeing, while the game is in session.  Only the captain of each team will have that privilege.  If someone violates this condition, the referee will stop the game, warn the individual, and penalize the related team.  If the individual continues to make game-related comments to or about the referee, the referee will stop the game and direct the individual to leave the game area.  If the individual does not leave, the referee will leave the game and default the game to the non-offending team.

    After some discussion, the motion passed unanimously.  Doug will approach ORRS to get their permission and, if granted, contact all active schools with these services and conditions.

  10. INFO: Okanagan Center for Sport - Following City Council's approval of the Okanagan Center for Sport concept, City staff are now in the process of working with CORE to complete a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU).  The timelines for 2019 are as follows:
    - Mid-March 2019 - MOU completed between the City of Kelowna and CORE
    - Mid-March 2019 - Steering Committee reviews and approves the MOU
    - Mid-March 2019 - CORE Board reviews and approves the MOU
    - Late-March 2019 - City Council approves the MOU.
    - April/May/June 2019 - PHASE I Fund-Raising (Engineering/Architecture) - $200,000
    - June 2019 - KMSL application to gaming grant for lights
    - July 2019 - April 2020 - PHASE II Fund-Raising (OCS Construction/Furnishings) - $4.4 million
    - August 2019 - Council approves building name sponsor
    - September 2019 - Gala Dinner for Multi-Sport Building

  11. DISCUSSION: New Registration System - CORE's website features a new registration system, using TeamSnap as its base.  Registration and Donor options will be presented via the website in each of the Spring, Summer, and Fall seasons. 

  12. 2019 Board Meeting Calendar - The following meetings were booked for Directors in 2019:
    - March 14 (4 PM) - Special Meeting for MOU Approval
    - April 15 (7 PM) - CORE Board Meeting
    - June 17 (7 PM) - CORE Board Meeting
    - August 26 (7 PM) - CORE Board Meeting
    - October 21 (7 PM) - CORE Board Meeting
    - November 15 (6 PM) - CORE Annual General Meeting

The meeting ended at 8:53 PM.

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