CORE Board Meeting Minutes - June 11, 2018


In Attendance: Guest: Cam Pierce, Clare Cassan, George Curran, Barry Ebl, Chris Haynes, Doug Manning, Chris Ward, Derek Worrall

The meeting started at 7:33 PM.


'80 Minutes' Fund-Raiser - Cam Pierce spoke of his mother's excellent treatment at the Sindi Hawkins Cancer Centre on Royal Avenue. A fund-raising event that would bring the whole rugby community together to raise funds for this center was proposed and discussed.

It was proposed and accepted that CORE will coordinate a fund-raising event where individuals walk or run the Apple Bowl track (around the rugby field) for 80 minutes (the length of a rugby match). Participants will bring pledge sheets and collected money to the event on the day. All aspects of the summer/fall Okanagan rugby community will be invited to participate, including the grade 8 schools, the CORD Academy, UBCO, the Crows, the Vicars, ORRS, CORE adult touch players, and other Okanagan rugby clubs. Non-rugby players will also be invited to participate in the 80 Minute challenge.

The exact date need to be determined, based on the playing schedules of the various teams and the availability of the Apple Bowl. A Sunday in mid-October is targeted as the preferred timing for the event. A second event in the spring may follow the first event, targeted at mini-rugby/touch sevens families, and elementary, middle, and high school teams.

TO DO: Doug will coordinate this fund-raiser, assembling an implementation team from all members of the local rugby community.


Summer Sevens Partnership - A planned summer sevens sides partnership between Cam Pierce/the Crows and CORE failed to develop. However, a men's KRFC Coos Sevens side will operate this summer, to the benefit of local men's players. Cam is leading that initiative. He indicated the Coos will play in at least three tournaments this summer, targeting the Calgary Stampede Sevens, the Center of Gravity Sevens, and the Bayside Sevens.

The Supra Okanagan women's sevens side also has hopes for participating in the three BC Rugby Summer Sevens Series. Darcy Patterson from BC Rugby is helping CORE to identify 12 players to play for the Supra side. The team is supported by a generous donation from Rob O'Brien and his Supra R&D business. The viability of the team will be known by late June.


Center of Gravity - Two teams have registered so far. It is early. More are expected once BC Rugby announces the Summer Sevens Series. Peter Rochfort is assembling a team to operate that event.


U16 Western Canada Championships - Operates July 26 - 29 on the same weekend as the Center of Gravity Sevens. An organizational committee has been assembled and will meet Thursday of this week. Concerns were expressed re: local rugby youth getting out to watch the event. It was recommended and supported that CORE do a better job with social media. A few local social media expert's names were suggested.

TO DO: Doug will contact a few social media specialists in our rugby community to hep out with social media promotion of the event.


The Rugby Year - The Board reviewed a summary of Central Okanagan Rugby in the prior 12 months. Numbers of players are up to over 1,200 players, up from around 800 in 2010. Almost all growth is in touch rugby; more than 850 are playing the sport in our community. Contact rugby's numbers have declined at all levels, especially in the schools.

A calendar of rugby programs over the 12 months were reviewed. Board members suggested areas where program growth should/will occur over the next three years, including U16/U18/U20 fall rugby programs with the Crows (starting with U16 this fall), expansion of the BC Rugby Academy (working in association with the CORD Academy), adult elite summer sevens opportunities (eg. the KRFC Coos Sevens men's program & Supra Okanagan Sevens women's program), and intramural touch rugby at UBCO.

Concerns were expressed that U16 and U18 touch rugby is tough to develop in the community. It was suggested that perhaps we should examine U16 and U18 touch rugby in the schools. It was also suggested that a summer touch program for U16 and U18 might be more attractive to players.

TO DO: Doug will contact UBCO to examine intramural touch rugby opportunities for the fall of 2018.
TO DO: Doug will explore the school and summer options for U16 and U18 touch rugby.


Rugby Center - It was reported that the City wishes to delay a response on our questions regarding a Rutland alternative to the Glenmore location. We would like to discuss the Rutland opportunity sooner, so we can take two viable options to our rugby community.

It was also reported the there are concerns from the cricket community and Vicars that the establishment of a new rugby facility will threaten the viability of their present fieldhouse. No one from the City has spoken to the cricket team about the Glenmore facility, despite publishing an outline of the Glenmore Park inclusive of a cricket pitch. Bill Lang from the Vicars has asked that CORE speak with the cricket leaders regarding the Glenmore fields and fieldhouse.

TO DO: Doug will approach the City to learn more about the Rutland opportunity in the near term.
TO DO: Doug will contact cricket representatives to answer, as best he can, any questions the cricket club may have.


2017 Financials - An error was made in the 2017 financials reported to our membership at the most recent CORE AGM. We did not effectively use or report $6,200 in Gaming Grant funds. The financial statements have been updated and submitted to our lawyers for filing in our minute book. The error will be reviewed with our membership at the next AGM.

The error did not impact our Income Statement. Our revenue, expenses, and earnings reported were as we reported at the AGM. However, on our Balance Sheet, our cash position is now higher, and deferred revenue have increased. Due to our mistake, we will not be applying for Gaming Grants in 2018 and we will be using our Gaming Funds effectively over the next few months.


2018 Bursaries - Seven CORE bursary recipients have been identified and will be awarded $500 at their grad ceremonies over the next two weeks. A Courtney Walls bursary recipient has also been identified. Board members were briefed on the winner's names, which will be publicly reported in a few weeks.


Five-Minute Reports
Mini-Rugby - George was commended for a great year of mini-rugby. George recognized Derek and the many volunteers for making the program work. For 2019, he has requested that we identify a better registration partner for families to sign up with. He has suggested we may need 4 fields for 2019.

Touch Sevens - Derek was commended for a great year of touch sevens. For 2019, Derek also recommends a better registration partner. He has offered to work with our new web designer and potential registration partners to create a registration system that diminishes organizational workload.

TO DO: Derek will contact John Good, who is working on CORE's website, and Ed Pye, who has a new registration system.
TO DO: Derek will work with a new registration partner to design the report structure required for a program as big as ours.

CORD Academy - Barry's program experienced its best year of growth, with the addition of a U12 program and better participation from the U14 and U16 player base. For 2019, the CORD Academy will collaborate with the BC Rugby Academy to offer elite and developing U16 and U18 players an off-season place to develop.

Crows - The Crows are being asked to consider a move to 1st Division. No decision has been made on that. The club will offer a U16 team in the fall, coached by Marshall Corbett and Chuck Bullock. This is start of a vital program to support the wave of players coming from this age group.

Summer Touch - 223 players on 15 teams in 2 leagues will operate this summer. The ORRS will provide referees for the 120 games. The BC Rugby registration system has made organizing the teams much simpler.

PRC's - Participation is good for the U15 Boys, U16 Boys and U18 Boys programs. Neither U14 Boys nor U14 Girls got the numbers they needed to operate.

UBCO - Has received financial support from the university for at least one more year for the men's and women's programs. Has entered the 2nd division for women in 2018 and the U23 division for men. The Hindson Cup in Kelowna will be the Western Canada University Championship again in 2018.

Vicars - The team has seen a resurgence of young players over the past 6 months, winning 5 of 7 games and attracting ample players for home and away games. The Vicars AGM is coming up in July.

Referees - A whole set of new young referees were trained and got in some games this spring. It is hoped they can continue to provide teams with game officials. All clubs and schools have paid for the refereeing services, the first time that has happened in several years.


The meeting ended at 9:35 PM.

Next Meeting - September 24, 2018 @ 7:30 PM

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