CORE Board Meeting Minutes - September 24, 2018


Highlights: An overview of the pending Center for Sport opportunity, police checks, and updates on local rugby.


In Attendance: Clare Cassan, Marshall Corbett, George Curran, Barry Ebl, Chris Haynes, Doug Manning, Chris Ward, Derek Worrall

The meeting started at 7:34 PM.


Financial Update
- The Board was reminded that 2018 was intended to be a year of spending on big-ticket items like a new website, a building rendering, 1,000 rugby balls, etc.  As the fiscal year comes to an end (Sept. 30), they were advised to expect a healthy loss on the year.
- Our cash position is still strong with over $20,000 in our primary account.  The Gaming account has been depleted, as required.

The Okanagan Center for Sport
- At our last meeting, the Board directed Doug to examine the Rutland opportunity for a home for rugby in the Central Okanagan.  Through email conversation since last meeting, the Board elected to pursue the Rutland option.  The Steering Committee for the project also saw value in the Rutland opportunity.
- The Board reviewed and accepted the three primary function of the building, which were: (1) To provide a home for U13 multi-sport assessment, activities, and education; (2) To provide a home for adult field sports in the Central Okanagan; and (3) To provide a field sports tournament center to the Kelowa area.  Although this started out as a 'rugby only' initiative, the Board appreciates the broader focus as a community center to provide every child with multi-sport opportunities to become an 'all-around athlete'.  
- Building size, elements, and features were reviewed.  The Board was informed that Mark Aquilon of GTA Architecture has been commissioned to create a rendering of the building.  It should be available in mid-October.  Initial building costs have been targeted at $1.8 million, with an additional $300,000 for furnishings and one-year of operating.  Total estimated cost - $2.1 million.
- Fund-raising initiatives were reviewed.  A small fund-raising team of three plans to build itself to six in the next 30 days and formalize our campaign.  A 'First Fifteen' team of donors are planned to contribute half of the cost.  Other sources of funds are planned for a Multi-Sport Gala Dinner, Gold/Silver/Bronze donations from our community, a City contribution for the building elements they require (eg. outside facing bathrooms), User Fees, and a Benefactor Loan.  
- The ongoing sustainability of the building was reviewed.  Preliminary estimates target a $10,000/month operating cost, inclusive of a $2,000/month Facility Manager.  The building will draw almost all of its revenue from rental fees, the largest being a $30/year user fee for the 2,500 adult athletes who will call this building home.  That fee is for rental of the building for seven months (April to October) of exclusive use from 6 - 12 PM on weekdays and from 12 Noon to 12 midnight on both days of the weekend.  Other revenue will come from multi-sport rentals, the rental of storage space and club fridges, the daytime rental of the hall/kitchen (year-round), the off-season evening rental of the building for weddings, Xmas parties, meetings from November to March, and tournament rentals.
- The Board were informed of a new federal/provincial infrastructure grant opportunity that is a good fit for our project.  The opportunity has short-term deadlines which we intend to meet.  The opportunity is for 65% of our Okanagan Center for Sport to be funded by this grant.
- A timeline for pursuing this opportunity was outlined.  It targeted a variety of benchmarks, including October 29 for our initial submission to City staff, early December for an initial presentation to City Council, December 21 for the completion of our Infrastructure Grant proposal, March 2019 for a finalized MOU with the City, and Spring 2021 for the completion of the center.
- The Board approved a governance structure for the Okanagan Center for Sport that identifies the CORE Board as the strategic and primary 'owner' of the business of the building, a Center for Sport Advisory Group that will manage the logistical elements of the Center on behalf of the Board, and a Facilities Manager who will do the day-to-day work of sustaining the building.  The Board directed Doug to define the Director insurance required for this broader set of Board responsibilities.
- It was recognized that we will require full involvement of the rugby community, the adult soccer community, the multi-sport enthusiasts, and others supporting this Center for Sport concept, for this to succeed.  Board members were keen to engage our rugby community in this project.

The New CORE Website
- Directors reviewed the new website and complimented the work.  Three types of constantly-changing content are featured on the site (News, Games/Events, and Photos).  Three types of annually updated info is also featured, guiding site users to Teams, Academies, and Fields.  A new registration system via TeamSnap was also reviewed.  

Okanagan Rugby Union
- The Board was updated on this valley-wide initiative, which has stalled since its good intentions from last fall.
- The Board wishes to support the ORU in its long-term quest to offer summer rugby programs for U14, U16, U18, and adult men and women in the months of May to August.  
- The Board directed Doug to contact the ORU leaders and encourage them to offer the adult men's teams and one more group (eg. U18 girls) in the 2019 summer season.

Police Checks
- Derek reviewed a new process for criminal record checks which takes 5-minutes and costs no money.  
- In uncommon cases, where a birthdate or name requires an additional check, coaches will have to get fingerprinted and pay $30.
- The Board has decided to require all coaches of any CORE program to have completed this police check.  

Five-Minute Updates
- Mini-Rugby/Touch Sevens - Derek has been working with John Good to get the new registration system ready for use in 2019.  Our goals are to match our 330-ish turnout from last year, as we transition to this new way of registering.  
- Youth Contact Rugby - Marshall announced the Grade 8 League will begin on Thursday, September 27.  Approximately 150 players on five XVs teams (CNB, KLO, RMS, SMS, Salmon Arm) and two sevens teams (Aberdeen Hall, Dr. Knox) will compete in September and October.  U16 Crows Boys and Girls sides have also been assembled.  They are keen to get quality competition for these athletes, many who made provincial sides this year.  BC Rugby has been unsupportive our our involvement in the Lower Mainland, prefering to keep our competition in the interior.  The 50 players on these two teams are organizing their own games - they will tour to Abbotsford on November 10 and 11.
- Adult Touch - Doug summarized a very successful season which featured 240+ registered players on 15 teams.  Very strong leagues, two weeks cancelled due to smoke, still trying to find a way to referee effectively, will try to move to June/July in 2019.
- UBCO - Chris outline the fall program for their 35-member Heat Men's team.  The will travel twice to Calgary and play four games vs Alberta and Sask teams.  Those teams will return here for the Hindson Cup in late October, a semi-final for the university championships in Victoria in November.  The women's team will complete in sevens tournaments in the spring.  A new four-team intramural flag rugby league has been introduced on Sunday nights at UBCO.  25 players are participating there.
- Crows/CORD - Barry indicated that 11 have registered for the U12 Academy, less than they had hoped.  Leana has indicated that turnout for the U14/U16 Academy will be strong this year.  The Crows Men have started 0 - 3, the women are 1 - 2.  
- Vicars - Clare outlined a very busy start for the Vicars, with three home games and an a way game in a four-week period.  The club size is growing, with the influx of a number of younger O40 players over the past year.  The Vicars have two tours on the go - one to Alaska and the other to Fiji.  Both are filling up nicely.
- Referees - The Board recognizes that our community is not referee-friendly and this has led to a sparse number of available referees.  Chris suggested that ORRS does not have much to work with in the allocation of referees to local games.  This will become more of a problem as our sport grows in the region.

CORE Annual General Meeting
- The AGM will be held on November 24, beginning at 6 PM.  The meeting will be held at the Capri again this year.  Still waiting to confirm the guest speaker.

The meeting ended at 9:38 PM.

NEXT MEETING: October 22, 2018

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