CORE Sets New Five-Year Goals


As CORE enters its 10th full year of operations, it has established an aggressive set of goals to further grow and develop the sport of rugby in the Central Okanagan.  These goals intend to make the Central Okanagan a major rugby development region in the country.

The goals are designed to fill out the development pathway for rugby athletes.  In our region, our Mini-Rugby and Touch Sevens programs for 4 - 12 year old boys and girls are regarded as "the best sport deal in town".  Our CORD Academy has demonstrated the capacity to enable youth to make provincial teams.  Players who can't afford to play receive financial support and rugby grads have access to bursaries and scholarships.  Provincial and national rugby events are being held in Kelowna,  However, there are problems.

Our number of middle and secondary school programs is diminishing.  Coaches and referees are hard to find.  The local referees society has disbanded.  UBC Okanagan is defunding its men's and women's rugby programs.  If we don't address the diminishing rugby opportunities for 13 - 19 year old players, our adult programs are in peril.  

These realities have shaped the Five-Year Goals for CORE (2020 - 2024).  We hope our community embraces these goals and offers time and financial contributions to make them happen.  Here are the four CORE goals and the 10 associated metrics.

CORE Five-Year Goals (2020 – 2024)

(a)   GROW: Finalize the Touch Rugby Foundation - Make touch rugby a lifetime sport in our community, available to males and females from 4 years old to 40+. 

  • MEASURE: 1,500 touch rugby players by 2024.

(b)   GROW: Restore Youth Contact Rugby in the Central Okanagan - Strengthen and grow contact rugby for teenaged males and females (13 – 18) in our community, with strong links to local adult rugby programs. 

  • MEASURE: Rugby programs and at least two qualified rugby coaches in every Central Okanagan middle and secondary school by 2024.
  • MEASURE: Female rugby programs in every secondary school by 2024.
  • MEASURE: 10+ highly qualified referees are available for youth rugby games.
  • MEASURE: The U15, U17, and U19 PRC teams have a paid team manager.
  • MEASURE: Every youth game in the Central Okanagan has a paid medical professional present responsible for player safety.
  • MEASURE: Regional U15, U17, and U19 boys and girls teams operate in the fall, each team coached by at least two qualified coaches from the Kelowna Crows.

(c)   DEVELOP: Provide Affordable Off-Season Rugby Development Services - Provide off-season rugby development opportunities for teenaged players seeking to improve their rugby skills and game sense.

  • MEASURE: 125+ local teenaged players are invited to provincial age-grade team tryouts in the five-year period of 2020 to 2024.
  • MEASURE: All Central Okanagan youth rugby players have access to substantial financial support. All youth players selected to provincial teams receive some financial assistance.

(d)  COMMUNITY: Establish a Home for Rugby in the Central Okanagan – Facilitate the creation of a centre for rugby growth and development in the Central Okanagan.

  • MEASURE: A place exists for all rugby programs and teams.
12 Locals Make Provincial Rugby Teams


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Monday, 21 June 2021