Elementary Touch Rugby Expands into More Schools

16 local elementary schools will participate in the SD23 Elementary Touch Rugby program this spring, up from 14 schools in 2017. An estimated 300 boys and girls in grade 4 - 6 will enjoy the fast, fitness-oriented game of touch rugby.

In touch rugby, teams get six 'touches' to move the ball down the field to score a 'try'. Defensive players must be back five yards to be able to make a touch. The team with the most tries wins.

"The sport is growing because kids really enjoy the combination of running, passing, and team play," said Derek Worrall, coordinator for the elementary touch rugby league. "We now have approximately half of local elementary schools participating in the local league. We hope to see continued growth in the future."

League play begins Wednesday, April 25th. Teams play every Wednesday with the wrap-up jamboree scheduled for June 13th.

Here is a list of participating schools. You are encouraged to watch some games by calling your local school to find out game times and locations.

Aberdeen Hall, Anne McClymont, Bankhead, Belgo, Chief Tomat, Chute Lake, George Pringle, Glenmore, Glenrosa, Helen Gorman, Hudson Road, Pearson Road, Quigley, Rose Valley, Shannon Lake, South Rutland.

Many of these boys and girls, and also players from schools with no touch rugby program, will participate on Sundays in the community touch rugby league at Parkinson fields in Kelowna. Parents interested in this program can register their sons and/or daughters online. Just visit this page, type the word 'rugby' into the search box, and select the program best suited for your child.

"We are seeing more and more players participating in both the Wednesday school league and the Sunday community league," said Worrall. "It is amazing to see how quickly the boys and girls catch on to the game."

Interested in knowing more about this sport? Contact Derek Worrall at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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Friday, 04 December 2020

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