The Summer Touch Rugby League is now accepting teams for its 2018 season.  Last year's league featured 13 teams - 7 Competitive League teams and 6 in the Recreational League.  200+ players enjoyed the summer nights of fitness and fun.  In 2018, we hope that 16 teams festoon our competition.


It's early and the Competitive League already has four teams declared for 2018.  Last year's winners, The Scarecrows, will be back to defend the Dai Dobbs Trophy.  2nd place Killer Bunnies are back intent on capturing their first championship.  Also declaring their team for 2018 are the always-competitive Riskey Wicks and a new team being organized by Oliver Glaser.  There is room for four more teams to fill out this league.

The Recreational League is also half-full with declared teams.  Last year's Silver Cup champions, the Alcoballics, will return with a staggered swagger.  We've slotted them in the Rec League but they must be considering a change to the other league.  Also returning are the Mangy Mutts - they're changing their name to something less scratchy.  Mellow Yellow will return to zen their opponents.  A new team, the Metro Mavericks, will test their touch rugby talent for the first time.  

Teams are made up of 12 - 14 men and women.  Six are on the field at one time.  There must always be two of each gender on the pitch.  Teams are constantly changing the players on the field, as the game is much more fitness-oriented than most expect.  

The leagues begin Monday, June 25th and run from 6 - 8 PM at Parkinson Rec Centre fields.  They runs for eight Mondays, with weeks off for the July and August long weekends.  Two 30-minute games are played by each team each evening.  

The cost is $350/team, or approximately $25/player.  In return, players get eight weeks of play, field rental, insurance, and referees who know what they're doing.  Teams also purchase shirts/uniforms for their side - usually an addition $15 or so.  

Teams must have an identified 'Team Leader' who becomes the link between their team and league correspondence.  Team rosters must be registered by May 31.  Details for all that will be coming out next week.  

Interested in putting together a team?  Contact Doug Manning at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..