Vicars Lose Soggy Match to Touring Twits


This past weekend the Vicars hosted the Twits from Burnaby.  The weather turned quite wet after a great Saturday in Kelowna and the pitch was nice and soft for what turned out to be a hard-hitting contested affair.

The Twits arrived a little later than expected and, while the Vicars had extra time to warm up, it was the Twits that came out firing. Greased pig or rugby ball?  There were so many knock-ons during the match it was hard to tell. The ref’s favorite phrase for the day was "knock on blue then knock on gold" or vice versa.

The Twits were very successful in keeping the ball in the pack for a phase or two and then distributing it to the backs for penetrating runs. The Vicars had a tough time keeping forwards out in the back line to match up to the Twits extra man or two. This resulted in a few quick tries for the visitors as they used their numbers to cut through the Vicars line.

The set pieces favored the Twits.  While the scums were even throughout, the Vicars lineout woes this season continued. After making changes to the jumpers, it was much closer.  The only clean lineout the Vicars won was a clever short pass to the prop in front.

The game evened out with both teams slogging through the muck waiting for the next dropped ball or quick break. The Twits continued to have more clean ball to the backs and their lead grew.  Captain Blair Williams dragged the Vicars along with two great tries.  One he ran around the Twits back line and the other he popped the ball over and chased it down, eventually sliding on the slick field over the try line.

With the score 4 - 2 Twits, the Vicars added one more on a great effort from Jason Richards.  He knocked down a kick, picked the ball off the deck, and fed Ryan Ried for the try.  The Twits added another one with the same hard work through their 9 - 10 - 12 cutting through the Vicars line.  Final score: 4 - 3 for the touring Twits.

The Twits Man of the Match Lance was tough on defense and even tougher to catch when he had the ball.  Vicars Man of the Match Captain Blair Williams was the all over the field trying to defend the Twits breaks and making a few of his own. 

Don Jenner was the Vicars DOTD for his chatter from the sideline and tight relationship with the wrong team!  The deck was a busy place for the post-game with the Vicars hosting theme being hats of many varieties. A big thank you to the crew in the kitchen for the tasty food, Kiwi Jeff for his complete lack of homerism while reffing, and the Twits for making the trip.

Crows Men Lose Exciting Match to Burnaby
CORE Board Meeting Minutes - September 24, 2018


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Tuesday, 24 November 2020

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